Statistical cards – manual

In November and December, we are presenting riders’ cards with their most important numbers in PGE Ekstraliga 2022. Below is a short instruction on what the visible statistics present.

średnia = average per heat
punkty = points
bonusy = bonuses
biegi = heats
pojedynki = duels

In the summary, we included all classified riders of the past season, so 49 riders in total. The upper part of the statistical card contains the most important numbers of a given speedway rider and his position in the individual classification, which was placed before the name and surname. A novelty compared to previous years is the information on duels, so the percentage of defeated rivals in all matches of the season.

In the second part, you can find a chart known from previous years, showing how many times a rider took a given place in all PGE Ekstraliga 2022 heats. The fourth place also includes all exclusions, defects, tapes, etc.

On the left, you can see four different rider parameters expressed in stars. These are home average, away average, starting performance, and distance performance. The more filled stars, the better; this number depends on my adopted scale. A set of five stars in each category was achieved with the following results: home and away average of at least 2,500 points per heat, starting performance* of at least 72%, and distance performance** of at least 26%. In addition to the stars, we also have the exact stat and the place in each category among the classified players.

* Effectiveness at the start tells what % of rivals a given rider has defeated at the start, the end of which is considered to be entering the second corner (third bend) of the first lap.

** Effectiveness at the distance shows what % a given rider has overtaken over a distance of rivals that can be overtaken. (the statistics also take into account the possible loss of position by the rider). The distance is measured from entering the second corner (third bend) of the first lap to the end of the race.

DOM = Home
WYJ = Away
RAZEM = Total
Bilans na okrążeniach = Balance per lap

In the last part, we focused on driving itself over the distance. The track graphic shows green and red triangles. The first of them were marked in places where the rider overtook his rivals, while the latter indicate where the rider was overtaken (the position of the overtaking rival is marked). In the middle of the track, you will find data on driving distance divided into home and away matches, while on the right side we have a graph presenting the balance of the rider’s distance stats on individual laps.

We hope that the above instructions will allow you to fully understand our statistical cards. If you have additional questions about these graphics, feel free to ask on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or via our email address. We will try to answer as soon as possible 🙂

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